Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned For a Healthier, More Beautiful Home

As trades workers we often meet other professionals and it can be useful to know about their business. I am regularly asked for recommendations for plumbers, gardeners and carpet cleaners.

Here is an interesting article about the benefits of carpet cleaning. Thanks to Mark at Clean Direct in Milton Keynes for help in preparing it..

Carpet cleaning is one of the most important aspects of home and office maintenance. Clean carpets drastically improve the aesthetic appeal of a room. People may not consciously inspect floor coverings upon entering a room, but improperly maintained furnishings have a great impact on the perception of visitors. An otherwise immaculate home can be ruined by a smelly, stained carpet. This situation can be avoided by scheduling regular cleanings with a trained professional.

The benefits of proper maintenance go far beyond the superficial. The health of a home’s inhabitants and visitors can be improved with a proper cleaning regimen as well.

There is a segment of the population who believe that carpeted floors are unsanitary.When they are not maintained as the manufacturer intended this is absolutely true. However, with the help of a trained professional, area rugs and wall to wall carpeting can be as sanitary as any other floor covering.

Carpet that is not cleaned or is cleaned improperly can lead to a variety of health problems. Some can be minor such as irritation in individuals suffering from allergies.

Vacuuming alone can help with things like soils and pollen. When trying to mitigate pollutants such as mites, bacteria and viruses, however, hot-water extraction performed by a professional is the obvious choice.

Preventing the growth of mould is another benefit of properly executed carpet cleaning. Moisture can be tracked in from outside and humidity may be high in the home. Either of these can lead to water seeping down to the backing, or padding, of the carpet.

A trained professional will be able to detect this type of condition, perhaps preventing a larger problem from occurring. After the detection stage, high powered fans and dehumidifiers can be employed to dry out compromised furnishings.

Cleaning is also a must when it comes to increasing the life span of carpeting. Carpet manufacturers provide detailed care instructions for the consumer. Included in those instructions are recommended vacuuming frequency. This is very important for removing rough particles from the upper fibres of a carpet.

Another inclusion is the frequency with which a professional cleaning is recommended. Not only will these instructions help to increase the lifespan of the carpet, in many cases the warranty will be voided if they are not followed.

Having a clean-smelling home or office is an added benefit of hiring a professional cleaner. Sometimes people do not realize that their everyday surroundings have an unpleasant odour.

Visitors and clients could find it very off-putting if carpets have an odour from things like pets, food preparation or trapped moisture.Even if an area appears tidy, an unpleasant aroma could give others the impression that the inhabitants do not keep up with their cleaning.

Many methods can be used to freshen up carpets or ensure that they do not begin to pollute a room with any type of smell. A professional cleaner will be able to give advice regarding the best approach for each individual case.

Developing a good working relationship with a professional cleaner is an important step in property upkeep. In order to keep clean carpets look into obtaining the services of a professional carpet cleaner. Keep in mind, every room is different and as such an individualized maintenance plan should be developed in order to keep your property in optimal condition.