Improving Construction Site Safety

Construction site safety is a universal concern. There are many dangers associated with the construction industry and it is virtually impossible to eliminate all hazards from the workplace due to the nature of the work and the amount of large machinery that is involved.

Even when safety precautions are followed to the letter and only highly skilled individuals are used, construction site injuries can still occur. As a result, there is ongoing work that is being done in order to improve construction site safety. As technology changes, allowing operations to be conducted in a safer manner, these new construction methods are being adopted in order to prevent many of the injuries that have plagued the construction industry for years.

Dangers on the Job

The exposure to risk on any given construction site is high. Even excavating ground can be a dangerous operation because machines that weigh several tons are operating in close proximity to employees. All it takes is a moment’s inattention and a person may be caught in the pathway of the machinery, leaving them few options when it comes to finding a safe escape. The level of danger increases exponentially when the construction site involves a high-rise operation. Construction workers who are performing their work at great altitudes have a higher than normal incidence of injuries. In addition, the types of injuries that occur are often catastrophic in nature.

Construction Site Injuries

Construction site injuries can range from relatively minor injuries to injuries that can disable a person for life. In some cases even fatalities can occur. Typically, most construction site incidents involve crush injuries, cuts or injuries that occur as a result of falling. There are also instances when harm can come to a worker when debris falls upon an individual who may be working below other contractors.

Improving Safety

Over the years there have been a number of things that have been done with the express purpose of improving safety on construction sites. Unfortunately, as the job is inherently dangerous, there is only so much that can be done to improve safety. However, new technological advances in the way that construction methods are performed are dramatically increasing safety and reducing the numbers of individuals that are seriously injured, or even killed, on the job. These advances in technology result in safer construction methods and far safer working conditions for everyone who works in the construction industry.

All of the major building firms are now working closely with the Health and Safety Executive to promote the need for better working standards and safer practises to be implemented across all construction sites. It is hoped that, as we move forward, building contractors will recognise their duty of care to all of their employees and contractors. Couple this with the technological advances being made and there should be no reason that far safer working conditions for everyone concerned cannot be achieved.