Why Epoxy Resin is a Good Choice for Industrial Flooring

Epoxy Resin is a very popular choice of flooring for use in industrial environments. This is because it has a number of characteristics that make it more suitable than other types of flooring for industrial use.

The flooring is hard wearing

Floors that are made from epoxy resin are very durable and can stand up to the constant foot traffic that is usually found in industrial settings. They will remain strong even when heavy objects may be dropped on them, or if chemicals are spilt.

The fact that they are resistant to abrasion means that they remain safer because there is less likely to be any indents in the floor that could cause a person to trip. Once an epoxy resin floor has been installed then it will last for many years.

The flooring is slip resistant

Falls can be common in industrial workplaces, especially if there is a risk of liquids being spilt on the floor which can make it slippery. Epoxy resin floors can be laid to have a textured anti-slip surface which makes it easier for footwear to grip, meaning that employees are less likely to slip or fall which could potentially lead to a serious injury.

Equipment that is wheeled around is also less likely to slip on an epoxy resin floor and this again can prevent injury from this equipment striking an employee. The industrial flooring company undertaking the job can usually tailor the level of the slip resistance to the specific needs of the business which means that they will not be paying extra for more protection against slips than they actually need.

The flooring is easy to clean

Epoxy resin flooring can withstand very high temperatures, so it is ideal for use in areas where the floors need to be steam cleaned on a regular basis. They will also not be affected by harsh cleaning chemicals in the way that some other floors might.

This type of flooring is often used to go right up to the seams of the walls. This means that there is less likelihood of anything getting underneath the flooring, which would be difficult to clean and can also be unhygienic. Instead all dirt, dust and other particles remain on the surface of the floor, making it much easier to wash down.

The flooring is odour free

This is an advantage when the flooring has just been laid as it means that once the floor has dried it is immediately available for use and there is no need to wait for a longer period while the smell of the flooring disperses. If the business has to be shut down while the new flooring is being laid then it will be able to reopen again sooner, which means the cost to the company is minimised. This type of flooring is also solvent free which is another attribute that makes it safer to use.

The fact that epoxy resin flooring is so durable means that it is also very cost effective as there is no need for the floor to be replaced regularly and there are virtually no maintenance costs associated with this type of flooring. This reason, combined with the factors discussed above, helps to explain why epoxy resin is such a popular choice for use in industrial environments.

Small jobs may be done in-house by buying materials directly from an epoxy resin manufacturer, saving money that may be spent on contractors. Although there are certain skills required to lay epoxy materials effectively training is available through industry bodies. It is wise to be aware of the potential risks associated with these materials as demonstrated in this Health and Safety Executive document An assessment of skin sensitisation by the
use of epoxy resin in the construction industry

There are different variations of this type of floor available which means it is very flexible and can be used in a wide variety of different industrial environments.

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